Transcendental Meditation in Scotland -

Transcendental Meditation and Other Techniques

There are many other techniques of meditation available - so how does Transcendental Meditation differ? Most other meditation techniques involve either concentration or visualisation. Neither of these methods can be said to be easy.

In contrast, Transcendental Meditation is based on allowing the mind to settle down in an easy natural way. This experience is not itself the technique of TM, but rather the natural result of correct practice.

If we think of the mind as an ocean, with our everyday busy thoughts being the ruffled waves on the surface, and our more relaxed, intuitive experiences as the deeper, quieter levels, then when you concentrate or visualise, your mind remains on the surface level. In contrast, TM can be compared to diving deep to the bottom of the ocean. Here you experience the deepest silent levels of the mind, the source of all creativity, intelligence, peace and happiness. On coming out of meditation, these qualities become infused into the surface levels; with repeated diving, more and more of these qualities are experienced in everyday life.

"We have found the TM Technique to be the most transparent vehicle towards self-transformation which we could possibly imagine. No dogma or belief systems are required - just the practice of an immeasurably simple technique 20 minutes at the beginning and end of each day.
Anyone looking to ignite the birthright of our human potential could not dream up a more effective means to this inspiring end."
Rob McGowan, Stockbroker, Edinburgh
Cindy Campbell, Social Worker, Edinburgh

Rest assured: when you learn Transcendental Meditation there will be no chanting; no hypnotism; no wearing saffron robes, beads and sandals; no concentrating on a candle flame; no visualising; no sitting in the 'lotus position'; no joining a cult.

Many other techniques are associated with religions or cults. With Transcendental Meditation, that is something you don't have to worry about.

You can be confident that Transcendental Meditation is effective because: